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a new era.

Cheers to a marketing revolution!

A new marketing era has started. An era of self aware marketing, truthful and responsible, transparent and sustainable. Too many years that marketing methods were based on pushing ads and purchasing media, flatting audiences and hiding backstage realities. More and more brands and business people are waking up, understanding that the ideas from the past and the technology from the future are mixing perfectly to the community marketing new era. Pita Marketing was established on 2018 and is focused on community marketing. We offer training programs, consultancy, advisory and community management.

What is Community Marketing?

Why is it good?

When to use it?

Where to use it?

Who can use it?

Our Services

Community Management


Terranova is Pita's first client and it's growing fast. Lately we took another step into joining forces and managing the Terranova's community. We are so thrilled about it. Terranova is a destination marketing company, representing and advertising destinations and tourism brands in Israel. Terranova had 1 client when Pita started working with her, 4 years ago, now she has 10. Terranova's small two staff members is now 12, and it's official partners group expanded from 1o to 30. With zero budgets for boosting and media purchase but community marketing methods alone, Terranova's booming community is a wonderful example for the unbelievable potential of community marketing energies.

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Community Advisory


The newest and biggest client is Israel's leading company for outsource costumer services. We are so excited to advise the company's marketing team.


Developing communities for people that lack family support is Orek's mission. Advising the organisation's marketing team as a volunteer is a real honour.

The Art Lab

Creating a community of individual artists is a real difficult task. Pita is super honoured to advise The Art Lab association with our community marketing tools.

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Community Training

Urban Daisy

The green roof revolution is arriving to Tel-Aviv and being led by the UrbanDaisy inspiring team. Training them makes Pita proud to the roof.

Mile Ventures

Morielle Lotan is the nuclear energy women. Not just by saying, she is the real expert. Morielle leads a movement of climate business collaboration.


Collecting debts becomes a mission for life when you realise it's the way to make peace between business people and corporates. This is IDCC.

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Pita is Going Global


Pita-Marketing's homeland and leading market is Israel. Pita is selling all services in Hebrew, online and offline and has just relocated it's office to centre Tel-Aviv.


Pita's new exciting and exotic branch is located in Paphos, Cyprus. This is a fast growing market, with community orientation and many cool opportunities.

The Netherlands

Some say that the dutch people are the world's best marketing people. Pita is establishing her future branch in Amsterdam and you can join this journey.