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So you can rule the world

the feeling of belonging saves lives

Loneliness is actually this generation's worst pandemic. Personal-use screens, speeding globalisation, workaholic parents and fast changing technologies made people feel lonely more than ever. Home town neighbourhoods are disappearing while virtual reality cities are being built and we are losing gravity. We have enough researches and inner intuition to know that the human race needs a sense of meaning and belonging to survive. You do not want to operate in a depressed eco system. Your clients, your suppliers and your employees feel happiness only when they are surrounded with real eye contact, warm human touch and real life listeners. And so do you. You are reading this because you already realised that your brand is a potential community centre, that can answer your needs. Community marketing is so amazingly affective simply because it makes the entire business surrounding happier.

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Tel Aviv Municipality // photo by Limor Ben-Romano

Communities can save your business a lot of marketing & operation expenses. As you serve community members needs for belonging, they will make an effort to make you more profitable.

JPM // photo by Limor Ben-Romano

Community marketing strategy is based on the most efficient and organic distribution: word of mouth. Instead of platforms that swallow budgets, put it on a platform that make you grow.

T.A.T // photo by Limor Ben-Romano

Communities create powerful brands that can last thousands of years. The community members will protect the brand, they will fight for it and they will keep on making it better and better.

Ronit Noy // photo by Limor Ben-Romano

Times are changing and some business become suddenly out of date. Communities can sense and reflect early signs of change, and so they make their brands adoptive and super innovative.

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