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we are a community of marketing experts

"After 10 years of marketing brands, ideas and places, I realised that community marketing is the most efficient, sustainable and long lasting marketing method. The urge to feel part of a community isn't just a human basic need, it drives people to do the most incredible and inspiring things. Communities are living creatures and by using community marketing you can drive them to change the world. After 5 years of research and development, I am extremely excited to launch our community marketing programs. Signing to a program guaranties that you will be lead, step by step, into a brand new you. You will understand communities, see through them and watch them fulfil their dreams. Many are talking about communities those days, only a few knows how to create them. Welcome to one of those few." Imri Kalmann // Founder

QUIZ // what's common for diamonds, pitas & cool people?

Batya // photo by Limor Ben Romano


We believe that the work of marketing is like polishing diamonds. You cut the stone's layers, give up unnecessary covers and let the heart of the rock stay as clear as possible. Only then, the brand, the idea and the leaders reveal their highest values. We realised that community marketing is the best method available for this task and we decided to dedicate our company to communities.

Yossi // photo by Limor Ben Romano


We chose Pita for our company name and logo because we are highly connected to middle east culture, values and marketing approach. We love the circle and admire the idea of a missing part. We adjust our marketing service to the client's flavours and needs. If that wasn't enough, P.I.T.A also stands for our four main values and also for our slogan: Promoting Innovative Trade Atmosphere.

T.A.T Pride // photo by Limor Ben Romano


Pita-marketing was born at Dov Kalmann's office, an expert of tourism-marketing, owner and CEO of Terranova and father to Imri, a business entrepreneur and a community designer. Since the foundation, Pita is family oriented, which suits perfectly community marketing strategy. Our suppliers and partners create a community of the most talented, cool and professional people available.

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