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understanding communities is a point of view

Community marketing strategy is focused on relationships between players. Players can be two voices in your own head, they can be an employer and an employee and they can be a company and a supplier. Community relations are made of a wide variety of strings, connecting those players. Community relations are complicated, they are fragile and they are sensual. They are effected by many factors and they are a perfect reflection of the environment that surrounds them. Modern attempts to cover the world with cameras and microphones that will collect every sight and sound of community data trade is condemned to failure. We already know now that communities can communicate silently, using it's intuitive natural sensors. Communities that wish to use those abilities needs practice and aware leaders. This is exactly where you get in the picture. Start your training now.

QUIZ // name 4 community marketing environments

JPM // photo by Limor Ben-Romano

WhatsApp Groups
Communicating with meddle circles of your community is critical and WhatsApp groups can fit perfectly for this task. Notice that those groups must sustain healthy habits and debating culture.

LOL Ltd. // photo by Limor Ben-Romano

The Parking Lot
A very interesting venue where the community's staff, suppliers and even some clients can see the community hierarchy by reading the reserved parking spot signs.

Rivrfall // photo by Limor Ben-Romano

The Office Kitchen
Many communities are growing, or falling a part, in the magic area of the office's coffee corner. Important data is being traded over there and you better nourisher correctly.

Tel Aviv municipality // photo by Limor Ben-Romano

Social Media
Larger circles of communities can happily practice their membership via social media platforms like Facebook and LinkdIn. Notice that misusing those platforms can make them a prison.

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