when to use it?

Five times a day with a glass of water

communities are independent living creatures

There are many definitions for life, having a stable pulse is definitely one of them. Even though it is not common to refer to communities as living creatures, we at Pita Marketing are quite sure about it. Community doesn't have red blood but they do have spheres of data that runs through their veins. To make sure a community is living healthy life, you can easily run a pulse check and ask yourself what are the community rituals. As communities are made of human beings, we can easily institutionalise routines and traditions that fit the community members, we are not so different from each other. Our programs can help you understand your community needs and establish the right pulses.

QUIZ // name 4 community marketing frequencies

Batya // photo by Limor Ben-Romano

Most communities like having a daily pulse. It doesn't mean at all that all members will participate but the ones that do, are helping the entire community stay vivid.

JPM // photo by Limor Ben-Romano

This ancient idea that 7 days make a week is one of the best Jewish contributions to the world. This timeframe is perfectly set for a community pulse and helps them all grow.

Days came from earth turning around itself and months came from moon turning around earth. Once a month is a beautiful energetic pulse for community events.

Batya // photo by Limor Ben-Romano

After talking about the earth and the moon, it is obvious that our years come from the sun. Establish your once-a-year seminar or festival to flourish your community.

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