what is it?

Some say it's magic

communities are the nuclear energy of marketing

"Community marketing is a brand growth strategy centred around bringing customers together over a topic that is aligned with, or directly related to, a brand in an engaging and non-intrusive way that puts customers first." says Google. We might have been a bit less formal and slightly more dramatic in our definition, but we definitely mean it. Community marketing is actually an ancient strategy, based on the word of mouth and is powered by organic motivation. The community participants are brand stake holders, employees, suppliers and clients. After many years of developing sophisticated and expensive marketing methods, community marketing is finally being recognised and defined. Communities give you the ability and power to grow brands that live for ages. Community marketing effect is beyond languages and borders, it is basically limitless. Now, with the world's new technologies it can happen extremely quick. Join now the world's marketing old-new revolution and achieve community marketing useful skills.

QUIZ // what are community's 3 basics?

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Stories & Values
Communities are born because of a story and they get stronger when their community values are tighter. Make sure your story is sharp and your values are crystal clear.

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Leaders & Structure
Communities are made out of people and they follow leaders. Make sure your community's leaders are inspiring and that your community's structure is transparent.

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Language & Brand
Every community wishes to have it's unique language and brand. This is how they can identify each other, understand internal codes and laugh from private jokes.

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