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Every moment you wait before booking your spot in one of our programs, is a moment that your community might be developing a community disease. We can start recovering your community, establish a new one or just teach you how to make your already good community go super great. Our programs are all based on the idea that you learn the strategy and you can use it as much as you can, often as you wish. We believe in cool always open communities and so is ours. You can always stop or pause your program, you are not required to share any business data and the entire process is 100% transparent. Our first 30 min meeting will be free and will allow both sides understand the process before we make any commitments. Check out our programs before you book an appointment so we can decide together what's the best one for you.

Rivrfall // photo by Limor Ben-Romano

New Born
A short and best seller program, made of 30 hours that will ensure the creation of a new community, body and soul. This program fits new businesses or organisations that have up to 5 full time players.

Yossi // photo by Limor Ben-Romano

Public Figure
One on one personal training that will make you become famous. We will guide you in the process of growing a persona community. Fits the one who wishes to become a public figure.

Ronit // photo by Limor Ben-Romano

Family Affairs
Families can be the perfect home base for communities, and can also be destructive for your house or your business. The family affairs program will help you do it right and enjoy many family business benefits.

JPM // photo by Limor Ben-Romano

Running Business
The truth is that every business have already a community made of stake holders, staff members, suppliers and clients. The real question is wether this community is mostly positive, negative or silently passive.

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Visit Rwanda // photo by Limor Ben-Romano

visual storytelling

People remember stories that they can visualise. We will be there for you in creating your unforgettable images, videos and design that will make your brand a remarkable visual story.
by Limor Ben-Romano

Ensamble Kan // photo by Limor Ben-Romano

community mapping

The best tool to understand who plays in your arena and what are the connections that influence the community is by using a map. Flora mapping will upgrade your entire strategy.
by Or Rigler (Flora)

T.A.T // photo by Limor Ben Romano

event production

Letting someone produce an event for your clients or staff members requires deep trust. Creativity, efficiency and positivity are a few more reasons to choose Pashosh.
By Pashosh Morag

more programs coming soon

Visit Rwanda // photo by Limor Ben-Romano

Global Corporate
This program is based on 3 stages of participation, presentation and partnership. It's perfect for big organisations that wish to develop their communities.

Silver Hair Backpackers // photo by Limor Ben-Romano

Social Movement
NGOs & movements are based on the glue of ideas and values. They also have to stand in front of highly criticising audience. This program will help you overcome challenges.

Together in Square // photo by Limor Ben-Romano

Municipal Council
Municipalities and governments are the first to enjoy the developments of communities, this is their most important mission. This program was made exactly for this purpose.

Potlatch // photo by Limor Ben-Romano

Retreat Seminar
Our full time retreat is the perfect solution for organisations that want quick results of community recovery or establishment. Our Retreat Seminar requires at least 5 full days of participation.