running business

Let's make a good business go great

Owning and managing an active business is like directing a huge show. There's always something super important to do and there's always someone that urgently needs your attention. Even though you are the director and producer of the show, only your community can decide if you will find peace. Every running business has a running community and each community member chooses his roll. Some will take a positive practical positions like marketing and operation, some will take a negative positions that will force you to slow your growth and some will sit a side and watch. Your position as the director is to find the right balance for your business. Recognise your community, understand it and find the community's mutual benefits with Pita's running business program.

Online | 40 hours | 550

  • The program's timeframe can be adjusted to your availability, lasting one to six months.

  • This program requires the participation of business active owners and managing team.

  • Hours payment will be in advance, client can choose how many hours to charge each time.

  • Program graduates are granted with one year free membership in Pita's cool community club.

Program Syllabus

The Story Telling | 2-5 Hours

Drawing Connectivity | 2-5 Hours

Identifying Players | 3-6 Hours

Emotional Engines | 3-6 Hours

Organising Community | 5-8 Hours

The Marketing Plan | 3-6 Hours

Resources Strategy | 2-5 Hours

Visual Language | 2-5 Hours

Branding Community | 2-5 Hours

Public Relations | 2-5 Hours

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