public figure

From a person to a persona

People can be a community centre, and they personal names can become huge communities, but in that case, their personal name isn't personal anymore. Many people in the past, and some in our times, are living community personas. Thousands of people that never met and never will meet the community's centre person are living their lives feeling connected emotionally, spiritually and even physically to that persona. Persona communities aren't easy to establish and they demand deep concessions from the client. If you are ready to start this life changing journey, Pita's public figure program is your ticket.

Online | 40 hours | 375

  • The program's timeframe can be adjusted to your availability, lasting up to nine months.

  • The program is based on one-one-one online meetings and may require up to 4 guests.

  • The program process may require making changes on operating social media accounts.

  • Fee payment will be in advance, client can choose how many hours to charge each time.

  • Program graduates are granted with one year free membership in Pita's cool community club.

Program Syllabus

Analysing Risks | 2-5 Hours

Describing Figure | 2-5 Hours

Identifying Values | 2-5 Hours

Establish Connectivity | 2-5 Hours

Emotional Engine | 3-6 Hours

Marketing Calendar | 5-8 Hours

Visual Language | 3-6 Hours

Resources Strategy | 2-5 Hours

Public Relations | 2-5 Hours

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