new born

And already best seller!

The business's first year is so amazing and so critical. On that year the owners, the new staff members and the first new clients are creating the community's culture and structure. They revalidate the community values and practice the brand language. The business's first year is the best opportunity for fast learning, fixing mistakes and adjusting the organisation's platform to the community needs. Understanding the strategy and methods of community marketing in the early stage of your business can save you so much money and energy in the future. Establishing a community for a new business is a very smart move and Pita's new born program is the way to do it.

Online | 30 hours | 270

  • The program's timeframe can be adjusted to your availability, lasting one to six months.

  • The program can fit a group of up to 5 full time players in the community establishment.

  • Hours payment will be in advance, client can choose how many hours to charge each time.

  • Program graduates are granted with one year free membership in Pita's cool community club.

Program Syllabus

Identifying Values | 2-5 Hours

Establish Connectivity | 2-5 Hours

Emotional Engine | 3-6 Hours

The Marketing Plan | 5-8 Hours

Visual Language | 3-6 Hours

Resources Strategy | 2-5 Hours

Public Relations | 2-5 Hours

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