family affairs

Blood is thicker than water

Families are perfect for community nucleus. Bonds between family members are often strong and stable enough to hold long lasting communities that make both business and politics thrive. The thing is, that if the community isn't built in the right way and if family members aren't communicating both family and business issues clearly and constructively, family communities can become nightmares. Pita Marketing is a family oriented business and a great believer in the need to understand the connection between your business and your family. If you feel that your business or social organisation can easily thrive when your family will be on board, the family affairs program is the one for you.

Online | 35 hours | 320

  • The program's timeframe can be adjusted to your availability, lasting up to 9 months.

  • The program is limited for two full time family participants and may require up to 3 guests.

  • Hours payment will be in advance, client can choose how many hours to charge each time.

  • Program graduates are granted with a one year free membership in Pita's cool community club.

Program Syllabus

Analysing Risks | 2-5 Hours

Identifying Values | 2-5 Hours

Establish Connectivity | 2-5 Hours

Emotional Engines | 2-5 Hours

The Marketing Plan | 3-6 Hours

Visual Language | 3-6 Hours

Resources Strategy | 2-5 Hours

Public Relations | 2-5 Hours

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