Latest news : a new Pita partner!

A new partner at Pita-Marketing

Ladies and Gentlemen, Open your arms and send a big welcome hug to Nir Noy (34) Pita-Marketing's new leading partner and soul-mate.

With 7 years of experience in marketing, selling and managing companies across the globe, Niro is now co-partner, leading our business department. As you can see, Niro is a happy and sunny person, lighting every room he enters. Good luck!

Thailand's marketing budgets are back!

Breaking news - Tourism Authority of Thailand is back from Covid19 break and our marketing budgets are here. If that's not a reason for a corona safe party celebration we don't know what could be.

Three new big campaigns will be launched soon, curious!


Our first Pita-Shop (P.S I'm Queer), dedicated to our loved queer community (LGBT+) is reopened for public after Covid19 break.

The space was re-adjusted to all 3 departments: Show-Room, Concept-Store and Joint-Office and redesigned by our home muse Michal Bassad.

our website is on constructions, catch up!