P.S is here for us to meet

P.S (Pita Shop) is our community marketing shared space. We're hosting a variety of entrepreneurs, designers and small businesses, connecting them to each other, to our projects and to the local community. P.S. I'm Queer is our first station, based at 34 Nahlat Binyamin Street, and dedicated to the queer community.

PICHO / clothing

Picho is an Israeli fashion unisex brand operated by Dov & Dor

Queer Bureau / live shows

Zaza and Alfred are the coolest partners for queer live art shows

Limor BR / photography

Limor is our home photographer and story telling expert

Valentina Chiappero / art

Valentina presents two series of paintings and wall design.

M BSSAD / clothing

Michal is a known queer artist and muse in the fashion industry.

Daniel Bachar / handyman

Daniel presents in P.S his artistic hand for small constructions.