community marketing is a state of mind.

Checkout the stories behind the stories.

The story behind the Pita

We chose the Pita for our company name and logo as we wanted our clients to understand how connected we are to the middle eastern tastes and values. We love the round shape and we cherish the missing part.

We adjust every Pita-marketing supply to the client's flavours. Our costumers choose what will be part of their services: branding, public relations, strategy and content writing. What do you want in your Pita?

Being part of a community simply makes your life better.

The philosophy behind Pita

We say that every work of marketing has to start with polishing a diamond. You gotta cut the stone's layers, give up unnecessary covers and let the heart of the rock stay as clear as possible. Only then, the real value of the brand, idea or a person comes to it's highest potential. Oh, of course, we also have a winning sales tactic, it's called communities and they will upgrade your entire strategy.

You will shine best when you're clear and transparent.

Dov and Imri Kalmann

The people behind Pita

Pita-marketing was born at Dov Kalmann's office, a tourism-marketing expert, owner and CEO of Terranova and father to Imri, a business entrepreneur and community expert. Since they founded Pita together, it has this family DNA atmosphere, which suits perfectly the community marketing strategy. Our mission is to promote the usage of community marketing around the world. We develop and operate communities with brands, ideas and leaders.

Family is a great start for a long lasting community.

Pita for businesses

Pita serves businesses with marketing strategy, branding, publicity production, public relations and content writing.

Pita for partners

Pita puts a lot of effort to make her creative and talented partners thrive. For this goal we established Pita&More.

Pita for consumers

Pita loves the connection with the final consumers, so we developed the Pita-Shop, a marketing concept store.

Our family is growing and there's plenty of room.