Basically, We Market Communities

family oriented

Pita-marketing brand was born at Dov Kalmann's office, a tourism-marketing expert, owner and CEO of Terra-Nova marketing company and father to Imri, Pita's leading partner. Since then, it has the family atmosphere and strategy.

Pita-Marketing has put on it's flag the mission of promoting, establishing and operating of real communities, gathered around services, products and brands. We believe that being part of a community makes your life better.

brand values

We chose Pita for name and logo as we wanted our clients to understand how connected we are to the Israeli street culture with our middle eastern spicy taste, and vegan friendly values. We love the round shape of the pita-bread and we admire the missing part of it. Life is accepting the fact that everything has a missing part.

We do our best to adjust every Pita marketing supply to every client's flavours. We can make you a diet dish of one time event production or logo design, we can cook you a rich community establishment and of course, our chef's favourite is a full brand representation, including strategy and P.R. What will be your Pita dish?

marketing philosophy

We live the saying that the medium is the message (Marshall McLuhan). Our Pita minds are thinking non-stop of new marketing methods and platforms. Since Pita was born, we have established a marketing concept store (P.S) and many innovative campaigns. Our communities flourish where online & offline meet.

We say that the profession of marketing is mostly similar to polishing diamonds. To make a diamond shine, you gotta cut many layers, give up unnecessary covers and let the heart of the stone be as clear as possible. Only than, the real value comes to it's highest potential. Oh! you should also have a good salesman around :)